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Links with Grace Darling Campus

Grace Darling Campus in Newbiggin is part of the Northumberland Church of England Academy

and as a Church of England school there is strong

and positive connection with St Bartholomew's Church community.

Members of the clergy visit the school every week and there is a very positive working link with the school chaplain Sally Milner. 

We very much welcome the opportunities to work together

throughout the year and to foster stronger links.


Church Mice

A great welcome was given to a group of parishioners who have volunteered their services

in offering to hear the children read at Grace Darling Academy.  Another opportunity to interact with our young people.

This activity, from past experience, will provide great satisfaction in observing the children improving their literacy skills, in gaining a good rapport and in sharing their ideas and experiences of life growing up in a world in some ways alien to the days of our childhood.

In anticipation that this venture will prove to be an asset to Miss Gill Cowie and her department, we hope for a long and successful association in this three way enterprise - staff, pupils and good Church Mice listeners.

Could you be a Church Mouse?
The ‘Church Mice’ are a group of people who visit the local Grace Darling campus once a week during term time to help the teaching staff by spending time listening to children reading and encouraging them.  It’s a great opportunity to get to know the children and feel part of the school life. If you would be interested in becoming a ‘Church Mouse’ then please speak to the Vicar.  Appropriate safeguarding checks are made by the school.





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